8 items commonly forgotten during cleaning

8 Items Commonly Forgotten During Cleaning

Deep cleaning your home takes a lot of time and effort but the results are well worth the hassle. No matter how thorough you are, it is still easy to overlook some areas during your cleaning. Here is Madam Clean’s list of the eight most commonly overlooked areas during a home cleaning.

Vent Covers

Your vent gets a lot of action, and that brings dust along with it. Cleaning vent covers is another seldom completed task that most homeowners don’t even think about. Use a vacuum hose to reach covers positioned high on the wall and a damp cloth to clean those within reaching distance.


Your pillow covers probably get washed at least once a week, but what about the pillows themselves? Old pillows can become discolored due to hair products, sweat, and grime that make it through your pillowcase. Take the time to toss your pillows in the washing machine at least once a month to maintain elevated levels of hygiene and cleanliness.

Cloth Couches

Fabric is porous and loves to collect odors, stains, and dirt. If your covers have removable covers, merely take them off and toss them in the wash. For those that don’t, you can make use of classic baking soda and a brush to refresh your fabric and get rid of any lingering odors.


Most people will dust and buff surfaces to get rid of the daily haze of grim that accumulates. One area frequently overlooked is the blinds. This can be due to how long it takes, or just because it seems to be a complex task. To make it simple, set your blinds in the open position and run a feather duster up and down their lengths to remove surface dust.

Electric Burners & Glass Cooking Tops

Over time, this area can get rusted and impacted due to hard water. Most electric ovens and glass cooking tops are easy to wipe down, but when they have become dark with rust and grime it may seem impossible. A simple spray of oven cleaner will erode any stubborn areas of grime, so you can wipe it away to reveal your pristine oven-top.

Small Area Rugs

If you have carpets, you most likely have them cleaned professionally once a year. For area rugs, there is no need to suffer the same expense. Most area rugs can be cleaned with rug soap, water, and a stiff brush.

Toilet Siphon Opening

The inside of your toilet tank is one of the most neglected areas in the house. The siphon in your tank helps to maintain the water level in the bow. Over time, this area can get rusted and impacted due to hard water. You can clean these areas by covering the siphon with tape, then filling the tank with white vinegar and water. Allow it to sit overnight to dissolve old stains.

Broom & Dustpan

Almost everyone forgets to clean their actual cleaning supplies. Your broom is used to collect dirt from all over your home, and as a result it can get pretty dirty itself. Take a moment to vacuum it and give it a “bath” in a bucket of water and antibacterial dish soap to help keep it clean. While you are at it, make sure to wipe down your dustpan as well.

How We Can Help

Deep cleaning is a great way to rid your house of germs and unwanted junk. The process can be overwhelming, but Madam Clean is always here to help. If you are interested in setting up an appointment or if you need cleaning advice, give us a call at (647) 808-9742 today.


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