How to Clean the Dirtiest Areas of Your Office

An office environment is a place that experiences a lot of human traffic, which translates to large amounts of shared germs and dirt in just about every common area. If you were to take a poll of the most soiled areas of your office, your employees would most likely put the bathrooms, common areas and door handle at the top of that list. While these areas see a lot of traffic and filth, there are plenty of other areas that are equally soiled that need your attention. Here are a few office cleaning tips from Madam Clean on how to target and clean key areas in your office on a budget.

Copier Machine & Printer Buttons

According to a recent study, it has been proven that a typical printer or copier in a commercial office houses at least 1 billion colony forming unit in every square inch. If you think that sounds normal, consider that the toilet seat in a public school only has about 3,500 units in the same amount of space. The bad news is that your copier is the most germ-ridden space in the office. However, the good news is that you can keep it clean by attaching an antimicrobial screen or spraying it with a disinfectant a few times a day.

The Top of Your Desk

This one may have been expected, but not very many people disinfect their desk, especially if they are the only ones who use it. While this may seem like it has fewer germs than public places, you actually bring more germs from outside with you every time you visit your desk. If you eat at your desk, this also increases the number of germs and grime on your work area, but keeping it tidy is easy. Aside from regular office cleanings, using a strong disinfectant to wipe down your desk twice a day will help reduce the spread of germs.

Vending, Ovens & Coffee Machines

Lunchrooms and break areas see about as much traffic in the office as the bathroom. However, the only difference is that there are usually no sinks with soap and water handy to help keep things tidy. People come in and out from various areas or outside and touch these outer surfaces making them a prime breeding ground for nasty bugs. The easy way to get rid of germs is to add antimicrobial screens to the buttons and wipe them down with electronic-safe antibacterial cleaning products on a regular basis.

Your Computer Mouse & Keyboard

While there are other places that have more germs, your keyboard and mouse shouldn’t be ignored. Your hands offer the perfect transportation system for germs and bacteria, but the good news is that those same hands can keep your keyboard and mouse clean. Use an electronics safe antibacterial cleaner or spray and make a point to clean your attachments at least once daily.

Knobs & Handles

Depending on the size of your office, there may be hundreds of people that touch the handles and knobs in your office. With so much interaction from various sources, it makes sense that these common points will become a breeding ground for bacteria. You can keep your handles and knobs clean by using a commercial grade disinfectant to wipe down these common areas each shift. Make sure to also place hand-washing reminder signs in common areas such as the washroom, bathroom, and break room.

Cleaning By Us

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