Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

9 Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

While our furry friends can bring happiness and friendship into our lives, they can also bring dirt, grime, and odor. For this reason, our team at Madam Clean has put together this guideline outlining the best cleaning tips that every pet owner should know to help maintain a home that is clean and hygienic. Our team of professionals provides House Cleaning in Toronto and we are ready to share with you the best pet cleaning hacks. 

Invest in a High-Quality Vacuum 

A vacuum cleaner can be your best friend when it comes to owning a pet – so investing in a quality one is essential. Pet hair, dirt, and allergens should be picked up efficiently to maintain a more hygienic environment for you and your pets. 

Mop With Microfiber  

Microfiber material is known for being able to pick up small particles, this includes pet hair! Try mopping with microfiber on your hardwood, tile, or laminate. 

Clean the Pet Toys Often 

Pet toys should be cleaned regularly with warm soapy water. This will help to remove the build-up of grime, dirt, and bacteria. Consider purchasing toys that are machine washable to make this process easier! 

Use a Wet Rubber Glove to Remove Pet Hair 

If you have pet hair everywhere, one way to remove it easily is by wetting a rubber glove and running your hand over the surface where the pet hair is. This is an eco-friendly option that allows homeowners to keep their homes hair-free. 

Routinely Clean the Pet’s Bedding 

When a pet’s bed is not cleaned, it allows for bacteria to quickly grow – which can cause health concerns for yourself or your pet. Wash the bedding regularly and spot clean if needed. 

Mix Vinegar & Water to Clean Carpets 

Remove stains and odours in your carpets by mixing vinegar and water! This solution will penetrate the stain or odour and remove it. This includes urine stains, vomit stains, and more. 

Use a Lint Roller on Curtains & Upholstery 

Pet hair can be challenging to deal with, especially if your pet has a lot of it. A simple way to remove it from your curtains or upholstery is by using a lint roller and applying gentle pressure over the hair-filled areas. This option is affordable and convenient. 

Baking Soda Can Eliminate Odors 

Struggling with lingering smells on the carpet, bed, or furniture? Remove it naturally with baking soda. This natural deodorizer can absorb unpleasant smells found in the home. Just apply a generous amount on the area and let it sit overnight. 

Keep Your Pet Groomed 

Keeping up with pet grooming is an important task for any pet owner. Whether you take your pet to get professionally groomed, or you hand brush them yourself, this critical step should not be overlooked. 

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