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How to Declutter Your Home: 10 Tips

When there is clutter left around the house, one can begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and defeated. Madam Clean provides House Cleaning in Toronto, and our team is here to provide you with some professional cleaning advice when it comes to decluttering your home. Live without the cluttered chaos and follow these ten cleaning tips!

10 Decluttering Tips

While there are many ways to declutter a home, our team has put together these ideas to refresh your memory on different things to do.

Putting Items Away

Keep your home decluttered by putting everything back where they belong when you are done with it. This will keep it from piling up. Use this method for dirty dishes, laundry, garbage, etc.

Buy What You Need

If one of your household products is empty, buy what you need when you are at the store. If you make a separate trip for it, you risk buying more than you need.

Get Creative With Storage

When it comes to storage, get creative. Consider two-in-one tables, buy vertical storage units, build shelves in the laundry room, utilize ottomans, create a drawer under the sofa, etc.

Shop 1 For 1

This is the easier method to avoid a build-up of items in your home. It works like this, if you purchase a pair of jeans – donate an old pair. It will keep your closet less cluttered and organized!

Keep a Donate Bin

Whether your kids don’t use old toys or you grow out of old clothes, a donation bin in the back of your car is a great spot to collect these items. Then drive over to the Goodwill for donation.

Go to Sleep With a Clean House

Before bed, do a loop around the house and use a laundry basket to collect out-of-place items. You can then put them away and go to sleep with a clear conscience.

Open the Mail

Don’t throw it on the counter and leave – take the time to open the mail, throw out flyers, and keep the important documents. Going through the mail when you receive it will save a build-up of clutter,

Clean Up the Linen

You can keep your linen closet organized by folding everything that goes into it. From shower towels to hand towels, make sure that everything is put away properly.

Gift Wrap Rolls

We all seem to have them – gift wrap rolls. They are long, heavy, and difficult to store. We recommend putting them in your closet with a binder clip to keep them from unrolling.

Finish the Laundry

Yes – there is always laundry to do. Make it easy on yourself by making each family member responsible for their own laundry. Have each member fold and put away their clothes after it’s washed.

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