An Easy-To-Follow Cleaning Routine for Every Household

Maintaining a tidy home amid a demanding schedule can be challenging but not impossible. Some tasks need to be completed daily while others can be spread out over time. Knowing when to do what task is the key to a good cleaning routine. Madam Clean Services has put together an easy to follow household cleaning routine that will keep your house in order all month long.

Wall Cleaning

Normal wear and tear, hand prints, and dark marks can make your walls look old and dingy. If you have small children or pets then there will be a plethora of bacteria as well. Make a point of wiping down your walls at least once a month to ensure your home looks its best and is free from germs.

Clean your Washer & Dryer

Even though your washer is always exposed to soap and water and your dryer is used for clean clothes, they still need cleaning. Making sure you clean your machines and their filters once a month, which will prevent buildup that can stain your clothing or cause machine damage.

Clean the Corners

The corners in your home are often overlooked because they require special care and attention. They tend to gather balls of dander, dust, and lint more than other areas not to mention cobwebs. Make a point to clean and dust the corners every two weeks to prevent buildup.

Under Large Furniture

Vacuuming your home is par for the course, but chances are it’s probably harder to get under your large pieces of furniture. Under your couch, behind your shelves, under your bed, and other areas can attract toys, junk, and other debris. You should add ceiling fans and the top of larger furniture to the list as well. Over time this buildup can cause a health hazard so you should make an effort to clean these areas once every three weeks.


Keeping your refrigerator clean is extremely important. Not only will it ensure that your house is free from strange odors, but it will also protect the health of your family. You should check your fridge for old, expired or moldy food on a weekly basis and remove everything once a month for deep cleaning.

Oven & Stovetop

Wipe down your stovetop at the end of every day to prevent oil and grime from building up on the surface. The inside of your oven may seem hard to clean, but if you make a point of doing it every six weeks then it will be easier.


Most cleaning companies don’t do windows without an add-on fee for good reason. It is one of those small things that take a lot of time. Cleaning your windows and blinds at least once every two weeks will ensure the dust in your house is at a minimum. It will also keep lots of natural light shining into your home which improves the atmosphere for your family.

How We Can Help

Maintaining a clean home that is properly organized is easy when you follow a routine. Instead of trying to do everything at once, pick a day or a weekend and target 1 or 2 large tasks. Your more trivial tasks can be performed on a daily basis without taking up too much of your time. As always, we are here to help. We have a range of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly Toronto house cleaning packages that are designed to help busy homeowners maintain a pristine home. Give Madam Clean Services a call at (647) 808-9742 to find out more.

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