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House Cleaning Services in Toronto & GTA

A Unique Experience in Superior House Cleaning

House cleaning, something we all look forward to like visits to the dentist and tax season. But Madam Clean Services can make coming home as wonderful as a trip to the spa.

 Since 2010 Madam Clean Services has prided itself on providing professional and superior approach to house cleaning. Our team of experts provide responsible, dependable, first-rate home cleaning services that will ensure your home is ready to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Utilizing detail-clean services performed on a rotating basis, along with our typical thorough cleaning propels Madam Clean Services miles above the competition.

First visit: We’ll tackle the hard stuff first. Kitchens and bathrooms. Deep cleaning and polishing every nook, crevice and surface in these rooms will immediately brighten your home. But we won’t stop there. On our first visit, we will also give the rest of your house a thorough cleaning.

Second visit: The rest of the house will not be ignored. With the same zeal, Madam Clean Services will  get into, behind, on top of and underneath all areas of your living and sleeping space. Those high maintenance areas (the kitchen and bathroom) will be cleaned again.

And so on: We’ll continue to alternate the areas to detail-clean with the thorough cleaning of the remaining rooms with each visit.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

For the room in the house that sees the most traffic, that brings family and friends together, the kitchen requires special attention only a professional cleaning service can provide. Every surface in the kitchen will be carefully tended and cleaned from the stove top to the front of the refrigerator where you hang your child’s drawings, to the inside of the microwave to where you stack your favorite dishes. We will even empty your trash for you.

Cleaning the Bathroom

It’s an ugly job but someone has to do it. To Madam Clean Services this task highlights our dedication to making your home beautiful. By cleaning the build-up like soap scum and rust stains in your bathroom, our residential housekeepers will ensure a fresh and spotless loo. Let’s face it, the bathroom collects some of the worst dirt in the whole house. We will remove all the pretty things you have added to enhance your lavatory and happily rid every corner of excess hair, cobwebs and dust. In the shower, we will apply a highly concentrated tile and grout cleaner to remove soap residue.

Windows Cleaning

Windows are one of the first things you notice when they are dirty. Cleaning glass properly can be a tedious task. However, our expert window cleaners have years of experience and will leave your windows clean, clear and looking like new.

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