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Office And Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto & GTA

If you are looking to get your office space cleaned, then Madam Clean is available for you. We excel in providing the commercial cleaning services to the offices. The services are available seven days a week at any time. Office spaces can get dirty due to many people working at the same place with different habits. It is always wise to clean the office and get it sanitized to make it look like an appropriate and clean place to work. The environment of the workplace matters a lot and it motivates your employees. If the office is clean, the employees feel energetic as well as it proves to be healthy for them. It also leaves a good impression on the people arriving at the office.

affordable office cleaning by expert teamYou can have our services at any interval (daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). The professionals are available to work with you regardless of the day. Madam Clean Services do not disturb the business activities and make sure to work at the time when the office hours are not active. The clients appreciate the services due to its quality and excelling performance. The office is cleaned completely including the bathrooms, tables, floor, kitchen and every area of the office. When you arrive at the office the next morning, you will find your office a new place to work.

General Office Cleaning Tips

A clean office is an efficient office when your office is organized and items are filed and in the appropriate places, your office is a much more productive place. There are no distractions, and you are not stopping to clean trashcans or wipe down desks and make a much better impression on both staff and clients. Al clean office demonstrates that you care about your work and your business and makes for a healthier, happier work place.

A professional cleaning company is always the best way to guarantee that your office cleaning will be consistent and thorough. But if you budget doesn’t currently stretch to that you need to ensure that you and your staff have a good cleaning schedule so nobody gets stuck with the nasty jobs and your office stays a clean and healthy environment to work in.

You can follow these 12 tips to keep on top of it.

  1. Make sure that every item has a place and is kept in its place.
  2. Excess clutter on desktops makes it difficult to work properly so make sure at the end of the day you desk is organized and sorted. Limit the number of items you keep on your desk and ensure you have small containers and file trays to keep your daily work organized.
  3. Buy some baskets that you can label and keep in a storage area. Each basket should be for specific items used in cleaning. You could have one basket for dusting and wiping down surfaces, another for cleaning the kitchen or coffee making areas and another can be stored in any public facilities.
  4. Create a cleaning chart that is laminated and tasks can be assigned to each staff member weekly and then changed every week.
  5. For cleaning items like computer screens, and keyboards have some specialty wipes available for all staff members to ensure that dust and grime doesn’t build up on the equipment. Avoid using any sprays or wet materials around your technological devices.
  6. Don’t forget to clean the office phones, dust and grime does build up on these surfaces and they should be cleaned with an alcohol-based wipe weekly.
  7. The garbage must be removed daily and shredded if necessary. Ensure you have separate containers for recyclable materials, shredding, and food waste and so on. Take out the trash daily.
  8. If you have, a company fridge let all your employees know that they must put a nametag on anything they put in the fridge. Once a month assign a person to ensure that the
  9. Institute a rule that all cups, coffee area and dishes must be cleaned on use so that every staff member knows the rules. This goes for ensuring that the staff cleans any cooking facilities such as the microwave or toaster oven every time they use it.
  10. Every few days rugs and mats should be taken outside and shaken so that dust and dirt won’t be tracked into the office. There are some cleaning services that will remove your mats every week and replace them which is a great idea if you have months of bad weather.
  11. Don’t forget the office plants and greenery. Remove all dead leaves and vegetation immediately. There is nothing worse than dead plants and leaves all over the floor. If you can’t keep a plant alive, get some good artificial ones or just don’t have any plants around. The same goes for flowers, if you love fresh flowers in he office make sure they stay fresh by changing the water daily and keeping them looking healthy and beautiful.
  12. At least one day a week imagine you are a new client walking into your office. Are the carpets clean? Have all the coffee cups and debris been removed? Does your staff break area look clean and fresh? Are the public facilities maintained to a high standard of cleanliness? If not take notes and make, sure the clean up tasks are taken care of and assigned to the appropriate staff member.

If these tips don’t help and the dust and grime is building up or if it is just too much work, hire a Cleaning Service. The jobs will get done efficiently and professionally and your staff’s valuable time will not be taken up cleaning. You will have a happy team because you won’t have to nag them to clean up and the cleaning jobs won’t get neglected.

Give us a call at (647) 808-9742 or (647) 551-6859 to discuss your cleaning needs; we can help you bring your office back to its professional standards quickly and efficiently.

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