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If you are a clean freak and love to clean places then why not earn some money out of it? Well, Madam Clean has a friendly environment where you can work to give your service, and they will pay you for it. The team is made up of professionals who are keen on cleaning up the environment and leaving it spotless for the client. The hours are flexible with the satisfying wages. Madam Clean services offers you a good career in it where you can grow and achieve a lot more you can think. You can establish your career at Madam Clean services team with a lot of monetary benefits involved. You can change your future by being a part of our company and make the clients happy by building strong relations for the sake of the company.

Here are some of the important information which you need to know while applying for the Madam Clean Services. It is a business which is growing fast in the market, and people appreciate the services because cleaning is a big issue in the busy life nowadays. People do not have enough time to regularly clean their house or their office, which is why they need such services.

Job Description of Madam Clean Service            

It is a janitorial job where specific tasks and duties are assigned according to the place which needs to be cleaned. Consistency and dedication are needed by the applicant to be a part of Madam Clean Services. The standards of cleanliness need to be maintained by doing a careful cleaning from all part of the allocated location.

People who can join

  • People who have at least two references
  • There should be no police record in the past
  • The person should be hardworking, responsible and mature. All the matters should be held wisely without panicking
  • He/she can lift 30 to 35 lbs
  • He/she should be reliable, honest and should have flexible hours to work at any time of the week
  • Employees who have their ride will be preferred and paid more

Madam Clean Services has an In-house training for the newly-hired employees. The clients are permanent and need to be served with exceptional service. The environment is friendly, and without any politics so you are frees to join our awesome services and make a difference for a bright future.

Apply by sending in your resume or CV with your availability and references included, if you think you meet all the above conditions.