4 Post Renovation Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

Upgrading your apartment or renovating your home can be exciting, but once the dust settles, proper cleaning is in order. Cleaning up after a renovation project is different than your usual cleaning tasks. If you plan to tackle the job yourself, these four tips from Madam Clean may help.

Banish the Dust

A lot of dust will be visible all over your apartment following a renovation. To start, open all of your windows to let out the dust and fresh air into your space. Start cleaning each room from the top going down. Dry dust the tops of shelves, fans, fireplace, windowsills, and every other surface. Break out the vacuum next to tackle the dust that is on the floor and lower surfaces. This is a time-intensive project, and renovation dust can be notoriously hard to clean, so you may need to call in the professionals to help if it proves to be too difficult.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Dust settles on surfaces, and chemicals can also leave behind a residue. Take a disinfecting solution and wipe down your doorknobs, doors, tables, chairs, and any other surface that may have been exposed. This is a great way to battle dirt and refresh your apartment post-renovation as well as get rid of stubborn construction grime.

Mop Your Floors

Once you have finished dusting and wiping down your surfaces, you will need to mop up everything that has fallen on the floor. Change your water often and make sure to move furniture and plants to get dust that may be lurking behind or under forgotten fixtures.

Check Your Fabrics for Stains

No matter how carefully you try to protect your belongings, sometimes accidents may happen. A drop of paint here or a spilled chemical there can result in unsightly stains that cost a lot to fix. Check your blinds, curtains, furniture, and floors for any stains leftover following the renovation work. Depending on the source of the stain, you can either clean it yourself or may need to call in the professionals.

When in Doubt, Hire Help

Cleaning your apartment following a renovation can be hard work. There are many cleaning companies that specialize in post-renovation cleaning, move out cleaning, and more. Not only will they have the right products and cleaning equipment, but also the skills to take care of the tasks efficiently. Along with all of your renovation cleaning, they will be able to deep clean every room in your apartment to give you that true new home feeling without all the work of moving.

How We Can Help

If you are looking for a way to clean your space following a major or minor renovation project,  Madam Clean can help. We offer affordable post renovation cleaning in Toronto for apartments and condos of all sizes. To find out more about our available specials and rates, give us a call at (647) 808-9742 today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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