Tips on Keeping Your House Clean in the Winter

Winter weather can be beautiful, especially when a fresh coat of white snow hits the ground. However, that same snow can cause quite a mess in your home. During the winter, families spend more time entertaining, cooking, and hosting for the holidays, which means your home will likely see more traffic than usual. The cooler weather can also increase the number of germs lingering in the air due to seasonal illnesses circulating through the family.

When faced with all of these challenges, it becomes even more important to maintain a proper cleaning routine in your home. We understand that springtime is just around the corner, so it can be tempting to wait to give your home the deep cleaning it needs. However, since most people spend more time indoors during the winter anyway, it’s a great idea to catch up on household tasks early. Madam Clean Services has a few tips to help you keep your home clean during the winter season.


Placing waterproof mats in front of the entry doors will help reduce salt and water from being spread around your home. You can also place sturdy runners in the hallways directly connected to your entry doors. This will help reduce outdoor grime from spreading unhindered.

Home Electronics

Surfaces in your home attract bacteria, dust, and dirt regularly. In the winter people spend more time indoors, which means the concentration of bacteria will increase. Make sure to wipe down your electronics surfaces at least once a week. This includes your laptop, desktop, keyboard, mouse, stereo equipment, television, phones, and remotes. Make sure to use electronics friendly cleaner and turn off your devices while cleaning them.


The tops of your windows, shelves, and other furniture are easy to overlook when cleaning your home. Most people also fail to clean their ceilings or corners unless there are spider webs visible. Dust can easily collect in these areas, which will make your home look dull and grey. Of course, dust also increases air pollution in your home. Cleaning these areas once a month will help your home look brighter and smell fresher.

Air Filters

The filters in your air conditioner, including both central and window units, should always be cleaned at the end of winter. Your furnace filters should be cleaned at the start of the winter season to ensure there are no clogged vents that will block heat from properly circulating. Depending on your heating unit, you may need to replace the filters annually to keep the air quality in your home clean and free of dust, allergens, and other irritants.

How Madam Clean Services Can Help

If you need more winter cleaning tips or if you are interested in scheduling a service, we are here to help. Our cleaning teams are standing by to whip your home into shape. Give us a call at (647) 808-9742 to find out more about our Toronto house cleaning rates and services.

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