Tips to Make Your Home Feel like a Luxury Hotel

After you complete your weekly home cleaning routine, sometimes it does not look as clean as it really is. That’s why our team at Madam Clean is here today with five tips you can add on to your regular cleaning routine to help make your already clean home look even more sparkling clean. Our house cleaning in Toronto team is specialized in this area and we are ready to lead you to the cleanest looking home that even your mother-in-law would approve of! 


Have you noticed scruffs on your walls? It’s best that you use a magic eraser to remove these types of stains. If you have semi-gloss or gloss walls, you can use water, ammonia, and baking soda to wipe the walls. Doing so with a sponge then rinse. After cleaning, try drying the walls as much as possible to avoid water spots. If your walls are really dirty, a fresh coat of paint might be your best option. 


Cleaning the bathroom will be on your regular cleaning routine, but we are here with some extra tips you can use. First is that you can use shaving cream on handles, showerheads, etc. to help eliminate water stains. In addition, mix together vinegar and water and spray on tile walls and glass shower doors to eliminate the build-up of soap scum. If that doesn’t work, add baking soda to the mix. 


After you have completed your normal cleaning routine, step up the look of the space by cleaning the baseboards. Baseboards collect lots of dust, dirt, and grime if not cleaned occasionally. You should start by vacuuming the dust off the surface and then use warm water and dish soap to scrub them (you can even use a Q-tip to get the little corners). Once dry, use a dryer sheet to wipe them down to protect from dust build-up. 

Doors & Doorknobs 

To step up your cleaning, try cleaning your doors and doorknobs. This can make a big difference in the appearance of your home. This can be done by using sanitizing wipes to clean the doorknobs and using a multi-surface cleaner to wipe down the doors. You can also use a magic eraser to help scrub off dirt marks. 

Light Switches 

Have you thought about how many germs build up on a light switch? Almost every member of your family puts their hands on them and they rarely get cleaned. That is why you should use a microfiber cloth and warm water with vinegar to wipe away any debris and germs. Remember to only spray the solution on the cloth and not directly on the switch. 

How We Can Help 

Madam Clean wants your home to remain sparkling clean and with these tips, we are confident that you will be a few steps closer to it! If you are looking for additional apartments cleaning in Torontotips, our team has lots of ideas that can help. Check out our blog page to find related posts. If you are interested in hiring home cleaning services, give our team a call today at (647) 808-9742. 

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