Top Tips on Cleaning Your Apartment After Renovation

Making changes or upgrades to your apartment is an exciting project that will result in a huge transformation of the space. Most renovation projects last for weeks or even months which can be tiring in itself. After your renovation project is complete, the next step is cleaning up your apartment to ensure that everything is in pristine condition. Madam Clean Services has a few tips for your Toronto apartment cleaning to help you after you renovate.

The first thing you should do is open most if not all of your windows. This will help bring in the fresh air and filter out dust and chemicals at the same time.

Clean Away The Dirt

Your next step is to start cleaning away dust and dirt that may be covering the surfaces of your home. Start with dry areas and work from the top down. This will prevent dirt and dust from drifting into places you have already cleaned. A dry duster works well for shelves and counters. The dust on the floor can be cleaned with a broom or a vacuum. If the space is overwhelmingly dirty, it may be best to call in the professionals.

Mop Up the Mess

Now that you have gotten rid of most of the dry dirt, it’s time to mop up the rest. Make sure to use an antibacterial solvent for your floor and surfaces. Tackle your walls, doors, knobs, and even the window sills. Make sure to move the curtains and other pieces of small furniture to catch hidden dirt that may have settled out of sight.

Look For Hidden Stains

Every so often construction work can leave unfortunate surprises in the form of stains. Check in areas where the work was performed for spots and damage. Look at your carpets, curtains, furniture and other areas to see if there are stains that need to be addressed. If you find any, first try to clean them yourself if that doesn’t work call in the professionals to get out those stubborn stains and finish off your Toronto post construction cleaning.

Other Cleaning Tips

Minor cleaning after a renovation project can consist of just a few hours of work up to several days of deep cleaning. If there is more work than you think you can handle on your own, consider hiring a professional cleaning company to come in and help. The great thing about hiring a professional company is that you can set up a time that works well for you. Instead of being bogged down with cleaning, you can use this time to catch up on another task or use the time to just relax.

Many capable companies offer specific post-renovation cleaning packages as well. These typically consist of cleaning all rooms, dusting cracks and crevices and even tackling the baseboards and windows. Aside from deep cleaning, a regular dusting of all surfaces is also important after a renovation.

Cleaning your bathrooms and the kitchen is very important after a renovation. Dust can drift into every room in your home, and the last thing you want to do is eat dust with your dinner. Cleaning should include countertops, the stove, cabinets and even the exterior of your refrigerator.

How We Can Help

Madam Clean Services is always here to help you clean up after your renovation project. For more information on our packages or to set up an appointment, give us a call at (647) 808-9742 today.

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