Guide to Cleaning Your Home When Dealing with low Mobility

One of the best things you can do for your health and your mood is to maintain a home that is clean and an environment that is organized. While this may seem simple, as we age our ability to move easily or work long hours diminishes. If you add in a lack of energy due to age or illness, that can make keeping up with the care of your home even more difficult. Madam Clean has several suggestions that can help you keep your house in order with the help of a few simple products and tips regardless of any mobility issues you may be facing.

Cordless Vacuums

For those who find lugging heavy vacuums around the house difficult due to lack of strength or joint pain, consider purchasing a cordless option to make your cleaning tasks easier. There are several lightweight cordless models on the market that offer strong suction and that can be used with only one hand. This is perfect for those who need to use a cane or crutch to move around, and most of them are also bag less, which makes cleanup easy.

Automatic Cleaners

If a cordless vacuum or a lightweight handheld is still not a viable option, there are several good quality robotic cleaners on the market that are able to keep your floors clean and tidy. Not only will they move around your house to clean away crumbs, pet hair, and dust, they also come in models that are suitable for carpets and hardwood floors alike. Most robotic cleaners can be programmed to work on a schedule so you can set them to work while you are out or while out are asleep. This is great for people who may worry about being tripped or walking over the little robot while it works.

Wheeled Stool

There are plenty of hacks for keeping your house in order that is less high tech as well. For those who have trouble walking around but still want to take a hands-on approach to their cleaning, investing in a low-wheeled stool is a great way to go about it. Creeper seats, often used by mechanics are relatively cheap and make a great conveyance you can use to get your cleaning task done. The great thing about these seats is that most also have a basket where you can store your cleaning supplies which prevents you from having to wheel back and forth for your needed items.

Take It Slow

While most people may choose a day or a weekend to clean their home from top to bottom, those who suffer from mobility issues may find this overwhelming. Instead of trying to do everything at once, spread your tasks over the space of a week. You should aim to complete one or two cleaning tasks per day, which allows you plenty of time to rest in between. Save your hardest projects for the days you are feeling your best and make sure you congratulate yourself on your progress as you go along.

Hire Help

Sometimes cleaning on your own just isn’t an option. There are many places that you can find that will offer affordable cleaning services in Toronto. You can hire a regular maid service for weekly cleaning, or look for a task helper that will come over two or three days a week to clean and run errands on your behalf. There are a lot of options out there for elderly, ill, or mobility restricted people to get the help they need.

How We Can Help

If you or someone you know has issues with mobility and are in need of help, give Madam Clean a call. We are always standing by to offer assistance at (647) 808-9742.

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