One Time Commercial Cleaning

For those who have are responsible for a business, there are times when you may need a single visit cleaning. Commercial single visit cleanings can cover a range of needs that are tailored to the demands of your business and your budget. The experienced cleaners here at Madam Clean will ensure that your commercial cleaning project is completed smoothly and efficiently.

In-Depth Cleaning

In most cases, single cleanings are requested on short notice. Unfortunately, many companies are unable to provide on-call cleanings. It’s important to ask if one-time cleanings or last-minute cleanings are offered any time you inquire about a company’s services.

Examples Of One Time Cleaning Services

Single visit cleanings can be requested for a multitude of reasons regardless of business type. Not only does hiring a cleaning company save you time, but it can also cost less than doing it yourself. There are many instances where commercial grade cleaning should always be left to professionals, such as:

  • Business Relocation- You should always clean a commercial space prior to moving in, and when you move out to maintain sanitation.
  • White Glove Service- Some spaces, such as doctor’s offices, retail food locations, and offices require deeper cleaning.
  • Retail Events- Locations that host sales or special events may benefit from after-event cleanup services. This is also good for store openings.
  • Event/Seminar Service- Business that have large meetings or conferences are often in need of a professional company to manage the clean up after the event.
  • Compliance- Locations such as daycares, medical centers or food dispensaries often need once off cleanings ahead of compliance audits.
  • Tech Parks- Specialized cleaning in data centers that hold technology are often one-off services that are best left to professionals.
  • Remodeling- If your location recently had some work done such as construction, its essential to clean the debris and leftovers with a onetime cleaning.

What We Need From You

In order for our cleaning visit to be the most efficient possible, we need to collect as much information as you can give us regarding your needs. Some things we need to know are:

  • Logistics- Where are your windows located, and what are the parking arrangements available? Your average foot traffic and security concerns? Will there be an owner on site or not?
  • Space Details- The size of the location to be cleaned, flooring types, bathroom, and kitchen quantities, and allergy or cleaning product restrictions.
  • Walk Through- Depending on the size of the location, we may need to visit the business to do a walkthrough.
  • Services Needed- It’s important to let us know if you have a special request outside of our usual services. We offer mopping, dusting, stain removal, disinfecting, trash removal, among others. Your list of needs affect your price quote, so take the time you need to list out all of your requirements.

How We Can Help

Madam Clean offers a range of cleaning services for all of our commercial clients. We are a full services shop and have packages that fit just about any commercial budget. We serve the entire metro area, so don’t hesitate to contact us today at (647) 808-9742 for more information.

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