6 Ways to Prepare Before the Cleaning Company Arrives

When you are looking forward to the house cleaners to come by, it is easy to overlook a few things that should prepare in advance. In order to make sure your appointment goes as smoothly as possible, there are six things Madam Clean Services suggest you do before they arrive.

Ask Your Questions in Advance

Check out the companies cleaning policy before they arrive. Most cleaning companies will list their procedures and rules on their FAQ page. You can also ask them over the phone about their satisfaction guarantees, which areas are covered in your cleaning package, the type of insurance they carry and what cleaning products they will use. Make sure that any questions you have are answered before they arrive and if you feel uncomfortable at any time, cancel the appointment.

Take Notes

Are there special areas in your home that need extra attention? Are there instructions that your cleaners will need to know during their visit? Do you plan to use your own supplies? Write out detailed notes for your cleaning team to address any concerns ahead of their arrival. This will help make the appointment go more smoothly and prevent any areas from being overlooked.

Pin Down Your Cleaning Schedule

If you plan on having your home cleaned more than once, make sure that you select and confirm a schedule that works for you ahead of time. This can be weekly, monthly, or even bi-weekly. Choose a time and day each week that works for your schedule. It is much harder for companies to fit you in if you change your timing at the last minute each week. Of course, sometimes changes need to happen due to unexpected emergencies or other complications, but overall, a set time is always suggested.

Avoid Lockouts

For families that will not be present during the cleaning, it is important to coordinate how the cleaning team will get inside of your home. Is keyless entry possible? Do you plan to leave keys with the neighbors? Perhaps they will be in a lockbox in a specific area. Make sure the cleaning crew has this information well before their visit so they are not locked out when they arrive.

Take Care of Your Pets

Pets are always a concern when new people come into a home. If you have pets, make sure they are secured in a separate area during cleanings or even take them for a walk or tie them outside during the service. Most cleaning crews are okay with pets, but sometimes pets may get underfoot and can cause accidents or even startle the cleaning crew at the wrong time.

Get Rid of Clutter

The cleaning crew is there to clean your home, but unless you are also paying for organizing, it is a good idea to pick up extra clutter. Pick up toys, clothes, and other items and put them in their proper places. Chances are, the cleaning crew won’t know the proper location for these items, and it is better to put them away yourself. This will also give your cleaners more time to focus on dusting, scrubbing and cleaning if they don’t have to also take care of your clutter.

How We Can Help

Periodic house cleanings are a great way to keep your home tidy and battle seasonal allergies. If you are ready to set up an appointment with Madam Clean Services, or if you want to know more about our Toronto house cleaning rates, give us a call at (647) 808-9742 today.

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