House Cleaning Tips by Madam Clean

Between flu season and the current COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the globe, keeping a clean home is more important than ever before. Therefore, you may be interested in learning a few new ways to keep everyone in your family healthy while also maintaining a safe and sanitary living environment. Madam Clean has put together a few of our best tips on cleaning that can help reduce the spread of germs in your home.

Cleaning versus Disinfecting

There is a big difference between simply cleaning a house and disinfecting a home. It is important to understand that difference so that you are cleaning and disinfecting in the right way. Use tools specifically made for disinfecting when you clean, along with the right solutions that kill viruses and bacteria. Also, don’t forget to clean your home and then go back and disinfect.

Bathroom Care

Your bathroom is one of the highest traffic areas in your home after the kitchen. It is important to scrub all areas well when you clean. Disinfect places that people touch often, such as the doors, knobs, sink handles, and even the toilet handle. If you keep grooming items in the bathroom, make sure to wipe those down too. Start using toothbrush caps on your toothbrushes to reduce the spread of germs from one person to the other. Sharing towels should also stop, especially if anyone in your home is unwell.

Kitchen Care

After cleaning your kitchen, as usual, it is important to go back and disinfect certain “touch” heavy areas. Drawer handles, knobs, cabinets, any other handles in the kitchen. Don’t forget to wipe down your appliances, trash containers, and even the entryways where people may rest their hands. Instead of using sponges, switch to hand towels that can be washed along with the laundry.

Common Area Care

The communal areas of your home such as the living room, family room, and playroom will need special attention. In addition to disinfecting knobs, doors, and light switches, there are a few other areas to pay attention to. Make sure to disinfect the TV, gaming systems, computers, remotes, and any other areas that are touched regularly. Wash pillow covers that are removable on your couches and chairs as well.

Bedroom Care

It is important to clean your linens a least once a week. However, to disinfect a room properly, you should change all of your most used fabrics more often. If there are soft toys in your bedroom or any of your children’s bedrooms, put them in the wash on hot and a gentle cycle. Regular areas touched, such as doors, drawers, mirrors, and switches also need to be wiped down.

How We Can Help

These are just a few tips that can help you keep your home free of germs and your family as healthy as possible. Cleaning is always important, especially during a pandemic. If you need a deeper clean, or if you just want to be sure your home is disinfected properly, Madam Clean can help. Give us a call at (647) 808-9742 to find out more about our Toronto house cleaning and COVID-19 sanitation packages.

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