How to Clean Your Home Like a Professional

There is always a big difference between a professional house cleaning service and what people usually do on their own. The house always seems a little extra clean after the professionals leave, it smells super clean, and feels different overall. But you might be asking what they do differently than you in order to get this different end result? Our team here at Madam Clean is here to enlighten you on how you can achieve a professional clean all on your own.  

What The Professionals Do 

One of the first major differences is that when a cleaner comes to your house, this is their work, their job, and they are here to do the best that they can. If you want your home to start looking like a professional cleaner has cleaned it, you need to approach it like you are the professional and it’s your job and reputation on the line. It’s important to make the most out of your time cleaning, don’t get distracted, and make sure to thoroughly clean every room. You can even create a work plan for each room that you can use every time you clean, this way, you can be more efficient. On this list, make sure to include all the chemicals and equipment necessary for each room and make sure you keep them all together once you are done.  

How To Clean a Room 

Carefully survey each and every room, one by one. Keep focus on cleaning and not reorganizing, rearranging, or revamping other things in the room. But if there is clutter, that’s when you should tidy it up, you can even start there. After decluttering, remove any trash, and make sure all surfaces are ready for their cleaning! 

High to Low 

There is only one way to actually effectively clean a room properly. That is by beginning at the tops and working down from there. This is due to gravity and utilizing it to your benefit. You want to dust all the highest points first in order to not have to redo any cleaning steps. Make sure to dust all ceilings, light fixtures, walls, and fans to allow the dust to fall to the uncleaned ground. If it’s been a while since you have last dusted, make sure to wear a mask.  

In order to efficiently clean these high parts, make sure you have a long-handled duster. Sweep it along the ceiling and walls. Make sure to shake it out outside every once in a while so that it stays effective in removing the dust, not just spreading it around. Do not worry if you don’t have a long-handled duster, you can use a broom and place a microfiber or damp duster over the end.  

The next piece of equipment you need is a safe stepladder to reach these hard-to-reach places, such as your light fixtures and ceiling fans. Brace yourself for a lot of dust to fall if you haven’t dusted in a long time. For places like your kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom, don’t forget about the tops of wardrobes, book cases, and cupboards. After finishing all the high-level surface work, you can start to move down a level. Next comes your windows, shutters, and blinds.  


Microfiber cloths are required for dusting things like wooden furniture, tables, and picture frames. This is the best cloth to use for trapping dust on these smooth surfaces. Begin your dusting process in the top left corner of whatever surface and work your way down to the bottom right corner. Use this technique on all vertical and horizontal surfaces, making sure not to miss a spot.  

In order to make sure your home is especially clean, make sure to wipe all sides of your furniture. This includes soft furnishings as well. Run your hand over the upholstery with a rubber glove, after that, use your vacuum with the proper attachment to get the rest.  


A lot of homes these days have multiple flooring types, this can include things like hardwood, carpet, laminate, tile, etc. Due to this, they each need a specific cleaning method, products, and equipment. The only universal cleaning equipment is a vacuum, all can use a good vacuuming. For all other floors except a carpet, you should be using a microfiber mop. Using a steam cleaner on all these flooring types can also be a good thing to do every once in a while, except for hardwood and laminate. They will sanitize and clean at the same time.  

For floors like hardwood or laminate, you should not be using much water to clean these because there is a potential to damage them. Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth and stay away from steam cleaners.  

Hire Our Cleaning Company Today! 

Don’t be deterred from detailed cleaning. In order to get your house spotless, you will need to follow these steps. Being able to enjoy a super clean house is well worth the effort. However, if you have an impossibly busy schedule and simply don’t have the time to deep clean our house, our team here at Madam Clean is here to help! We offer house cleaning services in Toronto and we would love to help you today! Give us a call today at (647) 808-9742 to book our services!  

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