Festive Holiday Home Fragrances

Whenever you think of Christmas scents, there are a few staple ones that might come to mind. These can include roasted chestnuts, a fresh Christmas tree, or sugar cookies. Having these smells in your home can elicit nostalgic feelings within people and give a warmer and magical feeling to the season. It is these fragrances that truly make the holidays feel like childhood memories. If this is the feeling you want within your home this holiday season, our team here at Madam Clean has come up with some amazing festive holiday fragrances for your home.  

Home Prep 

At the beginning of the season, it’s best to start by cleaning your home to get rid of any residual smells from the previous season. Cleanliness will help your home smell better. Which means that you shouldn’t be putting out your holiday décor until everything has been properly deep cleaned. This means taking extra time to make sure your floors and surfaces have been dusted and the cobwebs removed. We’re talking about moving the furniture and getting into all the corners. While you are at it, this is the perfect time to do other maintenance around the house; changing the air filters in your furnace, cleaning all the vents, and don’t forget the tops of ceiling fans.  

Locate Lurking Odors 

While you are going around each room, giving it a thorough clean, keep your eyes peeled for anything that lets odors linger. This can include things like forgotten leftovers in the fridge, full garbage bins, used gym socks left off the floor, or even an unfortunate rodent caught in a trap. Locating these lurking odors will help clear your house of unwanted strange smells. You definitely don’t have to do this alone, get the whole family involved in searching for any and all lingering smells.  

Festive Scents 

Fresh Greenery 

One of the best ways to get the most classic Christmas smells is with a real Christmas tree. This delightful seasonal greenery can make your house smell divine. But if you don’t want the hassle of dealing with a real tree, but want the pleasant smell, there are alternatives for you to use! Something to use that is appealing and also aromatic is an evergreen garland. You can upscale this with cedar branches and use it as a table centerpiece or even add some sprigs to your presents. Not only does this make your house and presents smell nice, it also adds a lovely look around your house.  

Essential Oils 

If you want something a little more subtle with a different spin on the holiday smells, you can use any essential oil your heart desires! The options are endless but some great favorites are cinnamon, frankincense, peppermint, clove, orange, and pine. You can even mix and match to create the perfect blend of fragrances around your house. The diffuser will do all the work but remember that a little goes a long way, sparingly use the drops and only replace when necessary. 

Small Smell Bags 

These are great for DIY and adding a little extra good smells to obscure places. You can make sachet bags and place them all around the house, try in drawers, the kitchen corner, your car, bottom of the trashcan, your gym bag, the places are up to you, wherever you need a little extra helping hand! Not to mention that you can also give these as gifts to friends and family.  

Stovetop fragrances 

This is a simple and effective way to make your whole house smell like Christmas. Get yourself a pot, some water, some sweet-smelling ingredients, and heat them up for a cozy alternative. There are such things as stovetop potpourri that have everything you need to get your house smelling as festive as possible. You can make your own blend or buy it and use it just before guests arrive.  

Hire a Cleaning Company to Do the Initial Clean 

Since the first step to getting your house smelling as festive as possible is cleaning, allow our team at Madam Clean to help you! Our Toronto House Cleaning is the perfect starting point to allow your house to smell as good as possible for the holiday season! All you will have to worry about is exactly what festive scent you want in your house afterwards! Give us a call today at (647) 808-9742 to book us to come in! 

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