How to Get Your Kitchen & Bathroom Ready for an Open House

Home staging truly is an art in the way that it requires extensive cleaning, design and item placement to come out looking its most perfect. Some of the most important rooms people look over when considering real estate deep cleaning for an open house include the kitchen and the bathroom. Don’t get us wrong — the living room, foyer and bedrooms have to look their most presentable as well, it’s just that bathrooms and kitchens have a tendency to be the most messy, hence the most difficult to clean up.

Luckily, there are many things you can do when trying to clean your kitchen and bathroom to perfection for an upcoming open house. Here at Madam Clean, we would like to talk about these tips so you can know you considered every aspect of a bathroom and kitchen cleaning before presenting your home to the public. 

Kitchen Tips

The kitchen of a home can be a massive deal breaker to potential buyers, so being certain that this space looks its most presentable is crucial. Some ways to do so include:


  • The removal of personal items: Family photos and other knick-knacks will make the kitchen feel more messy than comfortable. This removal of stuff also gives the buyer an image of a kitchen’s potential and what they can do with it (in addition to the look of open space it gives off).
  • Wipe down your stove exhaust fans: This one can be overlooked as it can hide within most people’s view, but making sure this area of your kitchen is clean because attention to detail is crucial in open house cleanings.
  • Ensure your linens are clean: Have you replaced the towel draping over your oven handle? What about the oven mitts that hang from your cabinet? Materials like these can get extremely dirty over the years, so if they are visible in your kitchen make sure they are either cleaned properly or replaced.
  • Don’t have a backsplash? Purchase a cheap one: In a lot of kitchen designs, backsplashes are what really tie the whole look together. If you don’t have a kitchen backsplash, this can mess with the impact your kitchen design will have on potential buyers. The good news? You can purchase affordable backsplash tiles and finish a project like this in just under a week. It is easy to complete, and comes as a huge benefit to making your kitchen look spectacular. 


Bathroom Tips

We know, bathrooms are considered a small space that people tend to not look into that much. Even so, certain buyers will actually prioritise bathroom features and it can influence their decision to close a deal on a home. Certain ways to make sure this space stays clean include:


  • Cleaning/redoing the grout: Tiles can look beautiful and add a true hint of luxury in a small space such as a bathroom. Even so, the grout of bathroom tiling can determine whether or not the floor actually looks good with the rest of the space. After all, no one wants to notice dirt within the tiles of a room that’s supposed to be a place for hygiene. To fix this you can either clean the grout or redo the grout entirely. 
  • Clean vents of dust/dirt: Vents often lie in hidden areas of the bathroom, whether it’s on the upper side of the wall, the ceiling or the floor. Regardless of how “hidden” it may seem, making sure there is no dust or dirt in this compartment ensures you’ve cleaned every nook and cranny of the bathroom.
  • Repair any leaky faucets/showerheads: Does your sink or shower have a leaking problem? Things like these indicate there is an issue with the plumbing, which can have a serious effect on the way people feel about buying a home. Make sure that your taps are not leaky prior to an open house to ensure your bathroom doesn’t just look it’s best, but looks like it functions at it’s best as well. 


Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Doing all of this open house preparation on your own with no professional cleaning experience can be quite the hassle, especially with all of the planning you’re likely doing to move out of your home. The good news is you don’t have to do all of this hard work on your own, and hiring the right cleaning service may be just what you need to make sure everything is done in the best, most efficient way possible. 

Here at Madam Clean, we offer cleaning services for your next open house so you can focus on the other important tasks that are involved in getting your place ready to sell. To learn more about how to undergo a real estate deep cleaning in Toronto with us, be sure to call our team at (647) 808-9742 today.

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