5 Tips to Help You Get Through Cleaning Your House

As we all know, house cleaning is not usually a fun task that people look forward to. But there are a select few people who do actually like to clean, meanwhile, the rest of us only do it because we have to. No matter where you sit on this topic, this blog, made by our team at Madam Clean, is for the people who aren’t a fan of cleaning. We are here to let you know that cleaning doesn’t always have to be a chore, there are certain things you can do to make it more enjoyable. Here are our 5 tips to help you get through your house cleaning 

Music Makes the Most of It 

Cleaning isn’t fun, we know. But you can help pass the time by listening to your favorite tunes while you clean the house. Hype music is always best when having to get a lot of things done around the house. The only thing you need to make sure of is that it’s about 30 minutes long, so that you can maximize your cleaning without interruption. Dance along while dusting or bust a move while folding, the possibilities are endless!  


One sure fire way to get your house spick and span is to have guests over. No one wants other people to see how messy your house can get. This is good motivation to tidy everything up to impress your friends and family with your clean abode. This can be especially true for parents or in-laws! They won’t be afraid to tell you when you missed a spot.  

Tackle The Little Things 

Attempting to do your entire house in one go is sometimes not possible, unless you live in a small apartment. One thing to make cleaning less overwhelming is to do one piece of cleaning every day, instead of all at once. Creating a schedule is a good way to make sure you get everything done, manage your time, and have a clean house by the end of the week! Unless you have an overly huge house with giant rooms, cleaning one room a night should only take about 20-30 minutes. Totally manageable!  

Ask For Assistance 

There is no shame in needing a little extra help. Call a friend or family member to come over and help you, maybe with a little bribery, to get the job done. You can use things like yummy drinks, Netflix, video games, or board games as a reward. Not only does this help you clean your house, it also allows you to have someone to pass the time with.  

Reward Yourself 

If you dread cleaning, setting up a reward system will help you want to get the job done. For instance, if you clean our living room, you can buy your favourite alcoholic drink. Or if you get your kitchen and bathrooms clean, you can go to your favourite restaurant after! Just make sure that your reward is proportionate to the task you completed, don’t get carried away over each little thing.  

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