Rooms You Should Clean Daily

One of the first rooms that you should be cleaning daily is the bathroom. It requires regular maintenance in order to stay properly clean and tidy. Something we here at Madam Clean like to suggest is that, in order to keep your house at its most optimum clean is to split up the cleaning tasks and rooms into a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule so that it’s not all one big task to do in one day. This method will help to keep your house neat and tidy all the time. This will also help to alleviate any feelings of being overwhelmed by a huge task.  

In order to minimize stress levels, consider the rooms you spend most of your time in and prioritize cleaning these places regularly. Usually, the most popular areas of a house are the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. If you let these places get messy and cluttered, it can create more stress for you, affecting your overall mood and state of mind.  

Given the current situation with the pandemic, this has put cleanliness, germ removal, and hygiene at the forefront of everyone’s minds. To give you more peace of mind and ensure your home is being properly disinfected regularly, keep most of your cleaning focused on the bathrooms and the kitchen. Bacteria and germs love these places as much as you do, so they like to hang out there whenever they can. If left unclean, they can flourish and spread around the rest of your house. The one thing about these rooms is that you won’t need to deep clean every day. We have come up with some easy steps you can do daily that will help you keep a handle on the germs and bacteria.  


-Try your best to always clean your dirty dishes and put them away before you go to bed every day. Or if you have a dishwasher, make sure they go in there and get washed.  

-Make sure that you clean your sink at the end of the day. A lot of residues and food bits get stuck in there that can feed bacteria and make your sink stink.  

-Always clean and wipe down the counters after using them. Any surfaces that you touch should be cleaned. This can include places like the fridge handles and door knobs.  

-If you use the stove, make sure to give it a wipe after using it.  

-Give the floors a quick sweep before you head off to bed. 


Aside from the kitchen, your bathroom can be the busiest hub for the whole family. This makes it even more crucial that you stay on top of the regular cleaning. If you are finding that daily cleaning is too difficult, aim for 2-3 times a week. You can easily try to incorporate these tasks into the regular usage, to help stay on top of the cleaning.  

-Keep the clutter out. Anything that is not completely essential to be in there should be taken out, removed, or put away. Keep your countertops and window ledges clear of things like knick-knacks and unnecessary items. You should also remove toilet seat covers, as these can hold onto germs and bacteria. Leave surfaces as bare as possible, this allows for easy cleaning and wiping.  

-*Warning, gross content*. You might be unaware of this but flushing the toilet causes microscopic aerosolized feces particles to be shot up into the air and land and stick to anything close by. These microbes and particles particularly like to stick to surfaces like knick-knacks, toilet seat covers, and your exposed toothbrush. Even more reason to keep your stuff clear of the bathroom and put your toothbrush in a drawer. One thing you can do to stop the particles from getting everywhere is to put the toilet lid down before flushing each time.  

-After putting the lid down and flushing, take cleaning wipes and wipe down the lid and seat. Store these in an easily accessible place like in a cabinet or drawer nearby. Toilet paper and soap also work if you don’t have any wipes. You should take about 30 seconds to thoroughly wipe the toilet down.  

-After doing anything at or around the counter, such as shaving, washing your hands, putting on makeup or brushing your teeth, make sure to wipe the area before you go. This can take 30 seconds and you should make sure to get the counter top, sink, and faucet.  

-In your shower, keep a sponge or scrubbing brush handy so that you can wipe it down, either before or after your own shower. Make sure to get the sides of the tub, the faucet, and the walls.  

-When coming out of the shower, make sure to wipe up any water left behind on the floors.  

How We Can Help 

Working these quick cleaning tasks into your every-day routine is the best way to make them a habit and will save you time cleaning these places in the long run. Your overall time spent cleaning them will be minimized and be less effort. Now, with all this extra time, you can spend it doing other things you actually enjoy doing. If your life is too busy for more intensive cleaning, we would like to offer you our House Cleaning in Toronto. Give us at Madam Clean Services a call today at (647) 808-9742 to book our experienced and professional staff! You can learn more about our services and what we can offer you on our website.  


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