Time Saving Cleaning Tips

All of us dream of having that perfectly clean home at all times. However, trying to find time to clean it often enough can be very difficult. Even if you think you are good with keeping on top of the tidying, sometimes it can get away from you. Other things like work, family, and down time can leave your house messy and no time to clean up.  

If this sounds like you, our team at Madam Clean has some handy dandy cleaning tips for you! They are super simple and extremely effective professional cleaning tips so that you can have more time doing other things you like to do. Get the most time out of your sparse spare moments and use these cleaning tips!  

Do The Simple Stuff First 

If you are looking for time saving cleaning tips, our first recommendation is to make sure you prioritize your cleaning needs. Some might think that you need to start with the big tasks first, however, when you start with the smaller, quicker, and easier tasks this will actually help to motivate you in order to take on the bigger tasks. Always start small with your cleaning and work your way up!  

For instance, if you want to tackle your entire kitchen for cleaning, the first thing you should do is wipe down all the counters and the sink. After that, you can move on to mopping the floors and potentially even clean out the pantry or other cupboards.  

Your Squeegee Is Your Best Friend 

In order to save time when cleaning, it is best to learn how to multitask and clean your house while on the move. The shower or bathtub can be a task you continuously procrastinate on because, frankly, no one likes to do it. In order to make it easier on yourself, invest in a squeegee after anyone in your house uses the tub or shower, they use it to clean.  

Even though this kind of seems like more work, it is less work for you to do if everyone does their part each time anyone has a shower. All you have to do is use the squeegee on the walls from the very tip to the bottom and the sides of the tub as well. This will rid you of all soap residue that usually accumulates in your shower or tub. No more stains to scrub!  

Utilize Your Dishwasher 

Sometimes, we as people tend to make things harder on ourselves than is actually necessary. There are some cleaning tips that we can give you that will encourage you to utilize items and things you already have available to you. For instance, your dishwasher is one of these things you can utilize more. Not only is it for dishes, any other dishwasher friendly items that are around your house are able to be run through the cycles and get clean. 

This is going to save you time and energy by putting in things like non-breakable vases, your sink soap trap, and your toothbrush holder into your next load of dishes. This particular tip will help you tidy your home, get things clean, all the while using minimal effort on your part!  

The Top to Bottom Rule 

Even though this tip might not be the most original, it is one of the best. If you are struggling to clean your home and need to clean it fast, make sure to shake all crumbs, dust, and pet hair onto the floor. You should also take this time to knock any debris from your curtains, bookshelves, and lampshades while working your way down.  

Doing this can feel like you are only moving the mess around, but trust the process. Once you are all done this, all you have to do is vacuum it all up. This will save you time since you don’t have to worry about where exactly the mess is going.  

Don’t Stress Over Unused Rooms 

If you are the type of person that likes every room to be clean, regardless if these rooms are actually used much or not, you might want to rethink your approach. Rooms that you do not use much can be avoided when cleaning. We are not saying to never clean them, we are only suggesting that you don’t need to clean them as often as the rest of your house that you use every day. When you need to clean your house in a hurry, prioritize these types of rooms and only clean the ones you use the most.  

How We Can Help 

These time saving cleaning tips are great for high traffic rooms that you use regularly, such as your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and dining room. As an added bonus, another way you can save bunches of time for yourself is using our Toronto House Cleaning services! Our professional staff at Madam Clean have years of experience. If you want to learn more about all our services, check out our website or give us a call at (647) 808-9742 today! 

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