Areas You Should Make Sure Are Clean

We here at Madam Clean understand how much of a hassle a home cleaning can be. Making sure every room is cleaned to a certain degree is important, but what about all of those spots that you miss unintentionally? There are many hidden spots, gaps, cracks and surfaces that are out of the normal person’s sight, but still crucial to clean in order to ensure full completion. Our team will explain what some of those areas are below. 

Indoor Garbage Bins 

The inside of trash, compost and recycling bins are very important to keep clean. Why? Because overtime, they collect grime and start to let off an incredibly foul odour. They also maximize the amount of germs you’re touching every time you take out the garbage. These are two issues that you do not want to have, so to avoid these problems down the road, make sure you scrub down your garbage cans frequently.  

Drains And Disposals 

When enough food and liquid get caught in your drain, whether it’s from washing dishes or straining certain foods, it creates a buildup of bacteria and smelly odour. This drain blockage will affect the functionality of your sink, and overall make your life more difficult. To ensure you have a bacteria free sink that works at its best, make sure to clean out your drain to get rid of all of the gunk. A good way of doing this is by sprinkling baking soda into your drain, then adding vinegar and letting the drain foam out. This causes a chemical reaction that gets rid of any of the food and grime in your drain. Once left for a few minutes, flush out with hot water. 

Shower Heads and Taps 

When shower heads or faucet taps are left uncleaned for a long enough amount of time, soap scum will be one of the main issues. This type of grime is difficult to scrub off, and should be taken care of to ensure your bathroom is the cleanest it can possibly be. To do so, fill up a plastic bag with vinegar, submerge the shower head or tap with the vinegar and seal the bag to ensure it stays in place. Wait for an hour, then remove the bag and give the area a scrub.  

Light Bulbs 

Dust buildup can be a big problem when it comes to lightbulbs. This one is extremely important to clean, as if left unattended can cause a fire hazard. In order to clean the dust off your lightbulbs, make sure your lights have been left off for long enough that they are not hot anymore. Then, remove the bulbs from their socket and wipe them off with a dry cloth. If you lightbulbs are halogen, make sure to wear gloves to prevent transferring oil to the bulb. 


Tall Surfaces 

Surfaces such as the tops of fridges, cabinets and tall furniture are often ignored as they are difficult to reach. Because of this, these areas overtime will gather a ton of dust; this is where a good dusting will do the job. In order to clean these areas, get on a step-stool or ladder to ensure you can reach properly, then use a duster to wipe everything off the surface. Some of the dust can fall off of the surface onto the floor, so to ensure full cleanliness, make sure to sweep your floor afterward. 

Inside Your Appliances 

The state of the inside of your appliances are often ignored, as they can be hard to clean out. You want to make sure you are using the right cleaning product associated with said appliance, as well as clean them without damaging any of the interior parts. Once you have ensured these two things are being done, you can clean your appliances and make sure to get every corner, gap and edge. If you are looking for something extra to do, you can also pull out your appliance from the wall and clean the behind of the appliance.  

How We Can Help 

If you are looking for effective House Cleaning in Toronto, then our services at Madam Clean are exactly what you need. Our professional cleaning team has years of experience in the industry, and are ready to help you with any and all of your cleaning needs. We will work closely with you to ensure your space is cleaned from top to bottom, all for an amazing price that can’t be beat. To learn more, be sure to give us a call at (647) 808-9742 today! 

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