Selling Home Crucial Cleaning Tips

Selling Your Home? Check Out These Crucial Cleaning Tips

Selling your home is no easy feat. After all, with all of the steps involving preparation, hiring a real estate agent, moving all of the items, who wouldn’t find this time stressful and complicated! Another step that a lot of people have to do but often overlook (and dread), is the cleaning aspect. 

Cleaning a home can be hard enough on its own, but cleaning a home to prepare it to sell can be even harder, as a lot more work will likely need to go into making sure your place looks fully presentable before showings start. One way to make this job easier on yourself is by hiring a house cleaning service to help, but not everyone can take advantage of this service. Luckily, here at Madam Clean, we want to talk about how you go about this process so you can be certain your home is looking its absolute best for potential buyers. 


If you’ve lived in your home for a few years (and especially if you’ve lived in it for longer), chances are you have a lot of tiny holes in the wall from things like thumbtacks, nails, anchors, etc. Other things such as adhesives can do quite the damage to your walls as well if they are removed improperly. It is vital that all of these imperfections are evened out with plaster and painted over before selling your home. These visual flaws may be tiny to you, but are almost always a huge eyesore to those who are looking to buy your place. 

Take Out The Trash! 

Surprisingly, the aroma of a home is one of the first things potential home owners will notice. Every home will often have its own unique scent and you want to be certain that yours smells pleasant for any who enter. One way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by leaving stinky garbage out, both in your home and in the garage! Here at Madam Clean, we heavily recommend removing all of the trash in your home. This means the bins under your kitchen sink, the ones in your bedroom, bathroom, heck even the ones in your living room. Any spot that a potential home buyer will enter should smell nice, so be sure every corner in your home is free of that stomach-churning garbage smell. 

Appliance Cleanings 

While most homeowners will make sure to clean countertops and tables in a kitchen, many forget about their appliances and how much dirt & dust they accumulate over the years. Whether this dirt is visible upon closer inspection or in an out-of-reach space, it must be cleaned properly before any potential buyers enter your humble abode. All it takes is one person to swipe their finger over the top of your fridge to find heaps of dust and dirt that they likely were not expecting upon their viewing. This being considered a “turn off” for home buyers is an understatement — so always clean the outside (and the inside!) of your appliances before showing the place. 

Don’t Forget Your Windows 

After cleaning everything inside your home and watching that natural sunlight seep in to shine on all of your spotless countertops, you turn your head to the window and notice dirt, water residue, smudges, even dead bugs on your window! Yikes! 

Since the light can be quite blinding, many people can forget to focus their attention on windows and in turn, leave them dirty and unkept. If a homeowner notices your windows are dirty, assumptions about the integrity of your home can be made quite quickly. Avoid this by making sure that every window, mirror and other glass panel in your home is wiped down with window cleaner. More often than not, a home will have a lot of windows, and cleaning all of these parts will really add to the feeling that a home looks brand new.  

Hire Our Cleaning Services Today 

Our team here at Madam Clean understands that selling a home and moving into a new space is not easy to deal with on your own. With all of the stress, fast-paced chores and complications that come with this kind of process, it only makes sense that you would want reliable, high quality services to help with all of it. If you are in need of a real estate deep cleaning in Toronto so you can make sure your home is 100% ready to sell, let our team here at Madam Clean help! With years of experience in the industry, you know you can count on us to get the job done right. To learn more about our services or to book an appointment with us, be sure to call our staff at (647) 808-9742 today! 

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